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Chiropractor Paul Grindstaff D.C.

Chiropractor Preston Hallow TX Paul Graindstaff

When I was in the seventh grade, I began having lower back, hip and leg pain.  I found it difficult to make it around the track even once during P.E. class.  My parents took me to my pediatrician, who sent me to an orthopedist, who sent me to a rheumatologist.  I heard terms like “rheumatoid arthritis” and “spondylolisthesis.”   The treatment I was given consisted of a prescription for motrin, 600mg, which I took twice a day until I was a sophomore in college, as well as some exercises.

When I was in college, I played football, which really increased the need to perform the exercises I’d been given years earlier.  One day, after exiting a building and starting across a crosswalk, I was struck by a pickup truck driven by a distracted driver.  Despite being tossed a few feet, and feeling beat up, the emergency room physician determined that I had no broken bones.  After I was released, I returned to classes, and a few days later my life was changed forever.

The mother of a classmate of mine referred me to a chiropractor.  I began receiving adjustments and therapy modalities.  Not only was the pain from the crosswalk accident relieved, but that lower back pain -which had been my nemesis for the better part of six years-was gone! I could function better, move more, recover from football practices and games more quickly, and no longer was a slave to motrin.

A couple of years later, my roommate and teammate was in a summertime accident…all six feet five and two hundred seventy pounds of him.  His treatment of choice?  A chiropractor, of course.   Around the same time, two of my former high school classmates began chiropractic school in Dallas.  I chose to do the same, and I’ve been fortunate to help thousands of people from all walks of life.

I’m Paul Grindstaff, D.C., and I’m proud to serve as your chiropractor.  I attended chiropractic school at Parker University,  business school and graduate school at SMU, and undergrad at New Mexico Highlands University.  My wife and I have three children and two dogs.  I’m fortunate to serve on the board of directors of the SMU Mustang Club as well as the New Mexico Highlands Alumni board.  On behalf of the staff and family of patients at ChiroRehab of Texas, we look forward to meeting you.

Chiropractor Dawndi Tomlinson D.C.

Chiropractic Preston Hallow TX StaffI went into college knowing I wanted to care for others. I pursued an educational path toward pharmacy. After working in a pharmacy as a certified pharmacy technician, I realized I wanted to make a bigger impact on the health community, and I could not do this through the pharmaceutical field. I started pursuing my bachelor of art degree in Anthropology. During my Medical Anthropology course, I researched chiropractic care. My eyes were opened to a new approach to preventative care and true health.

I came to Dallas in 2013 to start my education at Parker University to earn my doctorate of chiropractic. I received my very first adjustment on my first day of school. Again my eyes were opened. I had never felt better. Growing up, I was an active child- playing outside, crashing bicycles, climbing trees, and concussions. Once in high school, I was a member of the marching band and a powerlifter. I had neck pain, headaches, and low back pain. I just dealt with the symptoms not knowing there was something that could be done to resolve them. With consistent chiropractic care, the years of damage I had inflicted upon my young body began to resolve. I knew my body better and could tell when I began to fall out of alignment.

This began my personal goal to share with my community that there is more to life than dealing with symptoms. There is more that can be done for the problem besides medication or surgery. I want my community to know that with the proper input and removing misalignments the body can begin to heal itself.

Chiropractic care is for holistic care for all. I care for every age from infant to the elderly. I am a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and am Webster Technique Certified to better care for pregnant mothers and children. I love serving my community to educate about health awareness.

I am Dr. Dawndi Tomlinson. I am honored to be a chiropractor at ChiroRehab of Texas serving the Dallas area. I look forward to meeting you and helping you meet your health goals.

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